The Auxiliary's Constitution and Bylaws program encourages members to study and understand the organization's formal written policies and procedures, particularly as they relate to the rights and benefits of membership.  Members are encouraged to review the Auxiliary Constitution & Bylaws on an annual basis and may submit ideas for review and possible change.

Some very important point to remember about your Constitution & By-laws:
•  Standing Rules are unique to your unit and should include
               —  how you donate to programs
      —  how you disperse money in case of death, illness etc.
      —  as well as how your unit handles the lending of equipment
      —  the way your membership can or cannot solicit for donations

Keep in mind that your unit cannot have anything in these documents that is in conflict
with Department or National Constitution & By-laws.

All units are urged to pay more attention to your governing documents and thereby alleviating a lot of problems that might arise.  If you make it fun more members will participate thereby creating more awareness of our operation.