The Auxiliary's Americanism program promotes patriotism  and responsible citizenship and strives to uphold and promote American ideals and the principles of democracy.  The goal of the Auxiliary's Americanism program is to educate every citizen on the fundamentals of American government, the Bill of Rights, and the value of active, informed involvement in the home, in the Auxiliary organization, and in the community. 

The most successful Americanism programs are cooperative efforts between and Auxiliary Unit and its community.  Contributions donated to the Spirit of Youth Foundation by individuals, organizations and members' estates benefit young people through such programs as the Americanism Youth Conference at Freedom's Foundation and the National president's Scholarship program. 

The Citizen Flag Alliance is an apolitical, nonpartisan confederation of organizations and individuals who wish to protect the United States flag from acts of physical desecration.  The Citizen's Flag Alliance's goal is to pass Constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration.  The American Legion Auxiliary joined this effort in 1994 due to the belief that the flag is unique, deserving proper respect, care, and protection.